Brinesa Incubator is the best small egg hatching machine around.  This rental includes detailed instructions along with quality eggs for hatching!


Hatch a chick

Our 4 week Chick Hatching Program teaches children of all ages about the miracle of life. Watch as they chicks develop inside the egg and out. Watch as they peck out of the egg and and begin their journey after 21 days inside the egg. PLUS you care for 2 baby chicks while waiting for the 7 eggs to hatch! Great fun at home or at school!


What is included in our Chick Hatching Program? 

- Top quality, easy-to-use, 7 egg incubator with clear plastic dome for a perfect view of the hatch

- 7 Fertile eggs ( 4-6 hatch on average)

- The "Brooder" where the chicks live the the first few weeks of life. Comes with one heat lamp, one water and one feed bowl.

- A high powered "egg candling light" that allows you to see the chicks developing inside the egg!!

- Enough Organic Chick Feed and Pine Shavings for 4 weeks

- Informational Brochure and a 24 hour chicken hotline you can call with any questions

- PLUS 2 Chicks right from the beginning that will teach the newborn chicks how to eat and drink as well as provide you with entertainment while you're waiting for the eggs to hatch. 

Watch the chicks grow for 21 days inside the egg and 7 days outside while observing the two older chicks grow from 7 days to 5 weeks old. From their "Egg Tooth", to their first feathers, to playful personality changes, there's so much to learn from such a unique experience. 

At the end of 4 weeks all of the supplies and chicks come back to our farm.