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Any teacher that orders the rent-a-check package will recieve a discounted rate.  

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Rent a chick


Rent-A-Chick…Make this Spring one to remember!  We provide you with adorable chicks and all supplies—all you need to do is supply the love and basic care.

This is a wonderful and cherished opportunity for children and adults to learn about how precious new life is, the joyful responsibilities, and appreciate the source of our nourishing foods. 

You will get:
- Pair of baby chicks (minimum of 2/maximum of 6)
- Box and bedding
- Food and water dishes
- Chick food
- Brooding Lamp
- Care Manual & Instructions

How it works:  We will deliver your chicks and supplies and you care for them until pickup (7 days/14 days)- then we return the chicks to our home and they grow up to be egg laying ladies and remain our pets the rest of their life!

Prices vary based on number of chicks and duration of stay.  All chicks are at least 1 week old, up to 6 weeks old, various colors & breeds.  We only have a limited number of chicks so contact us today for details!

Educator's discount

DFW Metroplex chicken chick coop hatching egg supplier and manufacturer.  Buy and rent a chick Hatch a chick company.  Best place to buy or rent chicks and start urban farming in the city with backyard chickens and incubation hatching kits. 

We guarantee 100% Satisfaction! Come visit the Urban Egger farm in Ellis County aka Red Oak, Texas